Jeden Tag – Partner of the 2018 StadtLesen Tour Linz

26. July 2018

Jeden Tag – Partner of the 2018 StadtLesen Tour

The StadtLesen reading festival is touring the country for the tenth time and will be stopping in a number of Austrian cities once again. This is now the third time that we at Jeden Tag have sponsored the literary tour, and we are delighted to be a part of it again. This year, we are surprising the reading enthusiasts at the festival with some tasty brain food, such as gummy bears and muesli bars, as well as practical magnetic bookmarks.

StadtLesen in Linz: books, brolleys and charm

The first stop on our reading tour took us to Martin-Luther-Platz in Linz from 28 June to 1 July. Despite the wet weather, we were delighted to see scores of bibliophiles who were not put off by a few drops of rain settling down in the outdoor reading room with books and umbrellas. Even the sun couldn't resist taking a peek at all the keen readers every now and then. The bibliophile's highlight – a reading by the author Tarek Leitner, which took place in the Kepler Salon due to the rainy weather. The change of venue did nothing to dampen the spirits of those listening to his narration of "Hilde und Gretl", however.


We're now hoping for better weather on the rest of the tour and looking forward to meeting many more reading enthusiasts!

Even more reading pleasure: forthcoming StadtLesen stops in Austria and Switzerland

Here are the forthcoming stops on the 2018 StadtLesen Tour where Jeden Tag is present as an associate:

2 to 5 August

30 August to 2 September

16 to 19 August

But wait, there's more: StadtLesen is also coming to Switzerland! Visit us during our stop in St. Gallen:

St. Gallen
9 to 12 August

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