Jeden Tag organic – the delicious new alternative on the Jeden Tag shelf!

Jeden Tag variety is now also available for top quality organic products – and at very competitive prices!

For customers who want to buy organic options we now provide organically certified versions of many Jeden Tag products, including pastries, bread and baked goods, frozen food, dairy products, tinned foods, basic foodstuffs, beverages and coffee – and the choice is constantly being expanded.

Make sure you get the best organic foods on your plate – the new green pack design makes them easy to recognise!

Discover our organic range
All organic products from Jeden Tag
organic emperor vegetables deep-frozen 750 g
Gemüsemischung aus BIO Karotten*, BIO Blumenkohl* und BIO Broccoli*,...
Organic vegetable mix from organic cauliflower, organic French beans, organic carrots and organic marker peas, deep frozen, 750g
Gemüsemischung aus Bio Blumenkohl, Bio Brechbohnen, Bio Karotten und Bio...
organic leaf spinach deep-frozen 750 g
Bio Blattspinat*, tiefgefroren. * aus kontrolliert-ökologischer...
organic peas deep-frozen 750 g
Junge Bio Erbsen*, erntefrisch tiefgefroren. * aus kontrolliert-...
Organic Raspberries frozen 300 g
Bio Himbeeren*, tiefgefroren. * aus kontrolliert biologischer...
Organic vegetable maize 340 g
Bio Gemüsemais, vakuumverpackt
Bio Feta 200 g
Bio Griechischer Feta, mindestens 43% Fett i. Tr.
organic pumpkin seeds 250 g
Bio Kürbiskerne* aus Österreich. * aus kontrolliert-ökologischer...
Organic Chopped Tomatoes 400 g
Bio Tomaten, geschält und gehackt in Tomatensaft
Bio Delikatesssauerkraut 500g
Bio Sauerkraut pasteurisiert